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NIGHTFALL EPNIGHTFALL „Fucking Noise Addicts“ 7″EP
Japanese influenced D-BEAT/HARDCORE played by members of Dissystema and Another Oppressive System. 8 Tracks including Disaster and Shitlickers covers. For friends of Framtid, Gloom, Anti-Cimex and the likes.

Pressing info: 405 black

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IMMURED - An Unending HellIMMURED „An Unending Hell“ 12″LP 2009
2nd full-length, 8 blistering DARK HARD PUNK tracks delivered with venom and wrath. Continues where 2005 album FAKE NEW WORLD and 2007 s/t EP left off: Hard-charging grim black as night Hardcore Punk Blitzkrieg!

Pressing info: 399 black/50 grey-marbled

feikki 007 – [quickshop:IMMURED: An Unending Hell LP:price:10:end]

In cooperation with FDA Rekotz, Trümmer Pogo, Grita O Muere & Undislessed Records


IMMURED-EP-feikki005IMMURED s/t 7″EP
Four new tracks by this German Powerhouse, now with addititional guitarist/vocalist. Hardcore Crustpunk spiced with D-Beat driven madness. Silkscreen-printed sleeves with brilliant varnish and sticker on top.

Pressing info: 510 black

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Swedish Finpunk-Worshippers team up with their scandi-Trash/Punk mates. A great mixture of early 80s finnish/swedish raw punk for fans of Rattus, Kaaos, Terveet Kadet, Mob 47, Anti-Cimex and the likes.

Pressing info: 518 black

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Fake New World MCIMMURED “ Fake New World“ MC 2005
12 up-beat crustified Hardcore/Punk tunes.
Same songs as on the vinyl version.
Printed covers and tapes.

Pressing info: 100

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Fake New World LPIMMURED „Fake New World“ LP 2005
First full-length after more than 13 years!
12 up-beat crustified Hardcore/Punk tunes.

Pressing info: 100 red/400 black

In cooperation with S.H.D.S

feikki 002 – sold out


Crustified Hardcore/Punk vs. Pissed Grind/Crust.
Supposed to get released as a 7″EP on First Blood Family, but never showed up. This is the final hand-made CD-R version limited to 70 numbered copies.

Pressing info: 70

feikki 001 – sold out