„Kill all the fucking record distributors. Just kill em all, man!“ (Cliff Burton)

Formed in 2002 after nearly 8 years of (hard) experience with similar show selling/mailorder stuff, Fake Vomit is a small DIY Distribution/Label out of Nuremberg, Germany.

No big Punk Mailorder like the ones you know, but a small neat one focussing on stuff I like, namely PUNK and HARDCORE. Call it D-Beat/Raw Punk/Crust/Youth Crew/Thrashcore/Scandipunk/Japanese Hardcore/Ultra blabla, as long as it’s dedicated and gets me going, I’m game! Some METAL is cool, some GRINDCORE, too.

No tough guy „Hardcore“, no Goregrind, no Porngrind or other sexist/homophobic/idiotic bullshit. Tired to state that, but some won’t ever get the point.

Fake Vomit is a non-profit distro (eventually more work-to-pay), and all money earned finds it way back to finance new releases, buy records, run shows etc. Of course „DIY is no excuse to do a shitty job“ and I’m doing my best to answer every email asap & send out every order quickly. All to human, I’m lazy/bored/wasted sometimes, so don’t send a „Did you get my mail?“ message just the other day. Period. Thanx.

I’m always up for trades, but understand that it’s impossible to sell heaps of records from unknown bands. If your label wants to trade some stuff, just send me your list. Vinyl before CDs, tapes before CD-Rs. Take a look at the stuff I’ve released so far and the stuff I distribute and you will get a conclusion what bands/styles I am into and what not.

If your band wants to send me material for possible releases, just do this! If you prefer sending MP3-Files/Links than mailing your stuff, you’re not worth my time.

If your label is looking for cooperation on future releases, get in touch.

You’re welcome to write or comment anyway!

Dave, April 2009